Apr 5, 2011

Stan...what have you done...

You may have heard about Arnold Schwarzenegger & Stan Lee teaming up to produce an animated series called "The Governator." Perhaps your imagination then went wild trying to imagine what this show might be like. "Surely," you mused to yourself as you pondered the concept, "it would be utterly insane, inconceivably ridiculous and embarrassingly self indulgent." Then, for a moment you consider giving the show a chance. After all, it's from the mind of the legendary Marvel Comics genius, how bad could it be?

This tattooed, smirking teen gazing at a spinning, nude hologram of Arnold is just one of three kids that The Governator has stored in his secret underground lair. It's not quite clear what they're doing there, but at least this guy seems to be content with his responsibilities.

This isn't even the most ridiculous thing in the trailer, which features robots blowing up a tanker truck filled with milk before Arnold defeats them by performing a slapshot with the letter "L".

I think it's safe to say that this is probably not the Schwarzenegger comeback that fans were expecting. Also, there's now a very real danger that if Stan Lee passes away any time soon, this will be a permanent part of his epitaph. Much like how Raúl Juliá's career can't be discussed without mentioning his final role, a similar fate could easily befall Mr. Lee...

"Stan Lee (born Stanley Martin Lieber) was the co-creator of over 300 characters, including Spider Man, the Hulk, Iron Man, and most recently The Governator, in collaboration with Arnold Schwarzenegger."

Honestly though, I'm betting on the guy living at least another decade, so if he keeps up his current pace that should be just enough time to double his current character count. They can't all be classics, but the man has an impressive knack for coming up with ideas that appeal to a ridiculously wide variety of audiences. Case in point, I know I'll always be fond of some of his more unconventional creations.